History of Raven Nightclaw


As a child, Raven Nightclaw started out as an Empath. He had a strong feeling that he was different than the other children around him for a very long set of years. His mother, a High Priestess of Witchcraft and the Esoteric Arts, too him under her wing and helped him through his first three stages of an Ovate initiate. By the age of 18, Raven Nightclaw was a well oiled machine. His training in Meditation, Mind/Body and Soul Ascensions, and also some of the most intriguing things in science and astral training.

This individual, has not only helped people in love, life, closure and spiritual growth; but he has helped an uncanny 4500+ people all over the world!

Choosing this very talented, but yet accurate, honest and helpful medium, will provide you with some real clarity in the universe we live in. Just click the button on the widget to the right that suits you, and either make an appointment with him or schedule him to call you.

Raven Nightclaw is truly here to do what others think are impossible!

All Redings and Healings are Online! You don't have to get off the Couch to get what you need anymore, so why not get it now?

Psychic and Medium Readings by Raven Nightclaw

The Mind is our Intuition.

The Body is our House.

The Soul is the essence that guides us down the right path to enlightenment.

by Raven Nightclaw

There is a no refund policy on all readings, spirit communications and regressions.